Press Release on the 21st Anniversary of Paris Peace Accord

Khmer-Canadian Youth Association
7011 Ogden Road SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 1B5
Tel: 403-455-8294

smaKmyuvCnExµrénextþGal;ebItasUmRbkasCa]Larikdl;yuvCnExµrnigbgb¥ÚneyIgTaMgGs; TaMgkñúgRsuknigeRkARsuk R)arB§eFIVb¤cUlrYmrMlwkxYb21qñaMénkic©RBmeRBogTIRkug)a:rIs 23 tula 1991 – 23 tula 2012 TaMgGs;Kña.
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sUmbgb¥ÚnTaMgGs;)annUvBuT§BrTaMgbYnRbkarKWGayu vNѳ sux³ nigBl³ kuMbIeXøógXøat eLIy.
eFIVenARbeTskaNada éfTI1 tula 2012

esg suP½N RbFan¦

Press Release

Khmer-Canadian Youth Association would like to solemnly release this information to all Khmer youths and Khmer compatriots, either inside Cambodia or outside Cambodia, to perform or participate with 21st Anniversary of Paris Peace Accord 23 October 1991 – 23 October 2012.
Paris Peace Accord is the modern history of Cambodia. This day has deserved the same value of the glorious history of the Great Khmer Empire of Angkor period.
Our compatriots can join this commemoration as individual, family, friend, group, association or community by observing or reading news about this day, share messages among networks, directly communicate with siblings-children-friends, or conduct a ceremony by inviting Buddhist monks to offer a Jayanta blessing.
May all Khmer compatriots are blessed by the four wishes of Lord Buddha: Longevity, Beauty, Happiness and Strength.

Canada: 1st October 2012


Sophoan Seng (President)

21st Anniversary Press Release

21st Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement Poster

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