Report on Charity and Scholarship for Cambodian Primary Students


As the committee of Khmer-Canadian Youth Association agreed in a meeting on providing scholarship both in Canada and Cambodia by reserving one scholarship for Cambodian students, this report is arranged to anticipate that agreement. That scholarship will distribute in the kind of gift or other incentives for students such as note-books, pens, pencil, rubbers and other learning instruments.

This year of 2012, the Youth approved $400 including the personal donation of the president $100 to purchase note-books, pens, pencils and rubbers for two primary schools in Siem Reap. These two schools comprise of more than 600 students in between grade 1 to grade 6.

We thank those teachers and volunteers who help distribute those materials for the students.

For the Khmer-Canadian Youth Association, education is its most priority among other tasks it has been carrying out.

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87 thoughts on “Report on Charity and Scholarship for Cambodian Primary Students

  1. Saveun Nhim

    Dear KCY-AA members,

    Very proud of you all for your support to Cambodian kids in Cambodia. Since your priority area is promoting education, and you have been working tirelessly in helping primary school kids, I am wondering if you are also interested in assisting the university students for their education.

    I am one of the faculty members at Royal University of Phnom Penh, Department of Social Work. We just created in 2008 in addition to the many departments under RUPP. I am currently doing my MSW degree at University of Washington and expected to be back teaching at the same department in 2013.

    If you are interested in funding our low-income students at the department of social work. I will be sending you further emails to talk more about our project.

    Best regards,

    Saveun NHIM

  2. khmeryouth Post author

    Dear Saveun;

    Sorry for being late to respond to you. Your curiosity in education is very plausible. Of course, there are many areas in Cambodia to improve education and building human resource for greatness of this nation. While individual Cambodian and NGOs are striving hard to help improve education and build human resource in Cambodia, government who is the guard of this important section of the nation must take much initiative as well. Read this analysis on Leadership in Education in Cambodia:

    I will table your proposal to discuss with our committees to see what could we help or what could we involve?


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