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Khmer Youth Scholarship 2016

Annual Meeting and Scholarship 9 Dec 2012 (16)The Khmer-Canadian Youth Association of Alberta is pleased to announce that this year(2016) is going to be the 3rd consecutive year in which the Scholarship will be awarded. This year we have expanded the scholarship program, offering more scholarships and recognizing more students!
We are proud to recognize and award the amazing youth in our community for their
academic excellence and community involvement.

1) Academic Excellence Scholarship –
Applicants in Junior High and Senior High from grade 7 – grade 12 will be eligible for the
scholarship with a value up to $50.00 each. Upon finishing Grade 12, students will be
eligible for four scholarships, the Academic Excellence ‒ Legacy Award, which is worth
up to $500.00 each based on their academic average. Any Grade 12 students that are
not a recipient of the award will continue to be eligible for the Academic Excellence

1. Be a of Cambodian descent residing in Calgary and surround areas
2. Be enrolled full-time in a Junior or Senior High School (gr. 7 – 12)
3. Have earned a minimum cumulative average of 75% in the current grade

DEADLINE – November 30, 2016

2) Community Leadership Scholarship – to be announced

All applications should be sent to:
C/O – Khmer Youth Association of Alberta
REF: Scholarship
7011 Odgen Rd. SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 1B5

Download file in pdf and fill it. Thank you!

You are cordially invited to join 25th Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement

គំរប់ខួប២៥ឆ្នាំ នៃកិច្ចព្រមព្រៀងទីក្រុងប៉ារីស ២៣ តុលា ១៩៩១ – ២៣ តុលា ២០១៦

25th Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement, 23 October 1991 – 23 October 2016

Venue: Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Centre, 7011 Ogden Road SE, Calgary, AB, T2A 1B5,

When: Saturday, 22 October 2016, 1:00pm – 5:00pm

ខ្លឹមសារសំខាន់ៗ Themes:

  • សិទ្ធិបោះឆ្នោតរបស់ពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរនៅក្រៅប្រទេស  Voting Rights of Overseas Cambodians (The CEROC)
  • តុលាការនិងប្រព័ន្ធយុត្តិធម៍ឯករាជ្យ  Independent Court and Justice System
  • ធ្វើនយោបាយដោយស្មើភាពគ្នា  Level Playing Field
  • បញ្ឈប់វប្បធម៌និទណ្ឌភាព  No Culture of Impunity
  • អភិវឌ្ឍន៌សេដ្ឋកិច្ចដោយសមធម៍  Fair Distribution of Nation Wealth
  • ចូរដោះលែងអ្នកការពារសិទ្ធិមនុស្សនិងអ្នកទោសនយោបាយទាំងអស់  Free Those Human Rights Defenders and Political Prisoners

Gratitude: free snacks & beverage



25 Years of PPA

Poster 2015This year is the 24 Years of Paris Peace Agreement Anniversary (October 23, 1991 – October 23, 2015) that Cambodia has been gradually transformed itself after impacting by the cold war and post-cold war domino.

The Khmer Youth Association of Alberta is proudly to continue its commemorations since 2009 which has focused on different themes. The theme for this year is “Cambodian diaspora & their  rights to vote in Cambodia election by endorsing the Advocacy Efforts of The CEROC or Commission for Elections Rights of Overseas Cambodians”.

The main purpose of our commemoration is to educate the youths and to create awareness for the public of how important of this day. Our activities are workshops, seminars and classroom-set gathering.

This year,  we are eagerly welcoming everyone to join with us at the Village Square Library, Calgary,  Alberta. This venue give us enough rationale for purposes mentioned above.

There are key presenters on the issues as well as the sharing of experience from Thailand and Filipino diaspora about voting long distance with all their country’s national elections.

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you can join with us with same day and similar themes anywhere around the world.

FYI please see attached poster.

In Fraternity,

23 years anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement Invitation

You are cordially invited to the 23rd Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement:23rd Anniversary Commemoration

  • Where: Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Centre

7011 Ogden Road SE, Calgary, AB

  • When: Saturday, 25 October 2014

@ 10:30am to 4:30pm

– Tel: 403-235-5415

– Email:


  • Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Society
  • Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta
  • Cambodia Women’s Group
  • Khmer Youth Association of Alberta

– 23rd Anniversary Commemoration of Paris Peace Agreement

– 23rd Anniversary Program Details

Summary of the 22nd Anniversary of PPA Commemoration

Dear Speakers, Participants and Friends;

PPA_Anniversary_23_October_2013_284029We were successful on commemorating the 22nd year of the Paris Peace Accord on Saturday, October 26, 2013 or we can say 3 days late as the Peace Agreement was born on October 23, 2013. The commemoration environment was in a set of friendly seminar room in which speakers and participants learnt greatly on the historical and educational messages of this day. This classroom-like commemoration has allowed us to be deeply seated into a strong will, commitment and endurance to bring this agreement to light for the collective interest of mankind.

The speakers are represented by community leaders, policy advocates, politicians, educators, teachers, researchers, change catalysts and social activists. While the speeches laid various disciplines and information but the conclusion message of those speeches are Peace Building, Capacity Building, Post-War Trauma Healing and Individual Inner Peace Development.

We thank with sincere gratitude and appreciation for those who shared with us wisdom and spirit in this Peace Commemoration. May you be rich by inner peace and enlightenment.

For your complete understanding about this Commemoration Event, please watch video, view photos, read slide and power point attached below:

View Photo Album

22nd Anniversary Program Details

22nd Anniversary Slide Show