– Preah Krou Vipassana Kosala Keo Hong (Abbot of Khmer Buddhist Temple of Calgary)
– Preah Bhikkhu Chan Son (Vice-Abbot of Khmer Buddhist Temple in Calgary)
– Lok Chham Ngam (Former President of Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta)
– Lok Kim C. Tang (Former President of Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta)
– Lok Chan Date (Present President of Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta)
– Lok Sony Meur(Present President of Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Society


SOPHOAN, SENG (President) 
Sophan’s “I don’t know how to call myself within the contemporary political sphere. But as I can realize who I am, I am very liberal! Buddha has influenced me to be an independent seeker of enlightenment by following a bondable road-map. Avoiding from idle chit-chat and gullible listener, thus I called myself “liberal”; avoiding from attaching myself to any theory or practice extremely, thus I called myself “liberal”; avoiding from indulging in self-mortification and materialism, thus I called myself “liberal”; diffusing the grassroots participation to overhaul democracy, thus I called myself “very liberal”.”

HOA P., SON (Vice President) BRENDON, KIM (Assistant of Vice President) 
Hoa’s “Any intelligent fool can make thing bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in an opposite direction said by Albert Einstein. Because of our worse past, that is why we need to work on our present to change ourselves for a better future. And change takes great COURAGE!!! Be brave to change if we want a better flouture.”

CHANTHA, HEM (Treasurer)
“My mission statement is to become a person of true character and integrity, contributing to my country and attaining a state of peak health and mental serenity. I will have a superb family and professional life while I build lasting wealth. I will be courteous to all and live my life with tremendous zest and joy”
DAVID, NGETH (Assistant of Treasurer)

SOPHEAP, ROS (Secretary) DARREN, TOUCH (Assistant of Secretary) 
Sopheap’s “The greatest pleasure in life is dealing with people say you cannot do” – Walter Bagehot 
Darren’s “Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We, as citizens of a globalized community must find the solution to make the future of the world look brighter. Never be afraid to show your passion, because the passion that you have will guide you to becoming something great in life.”

VICHET, PICH (The Director for Public Relations)
Vichet’s “Sharing is Caring…”
(The Director for Fund Raising and Activities)(The Director for Internal Discipline and Effective Administration)

Here to make a difference
Previous Executive Members
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