You are cordially invited to join with the 22nd Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement

Committees of Youth Association would like to cordially invite members and distinguished quests to commemorate the 22nd  Anniversary of Paris Peace Accord.

Theme: Civil Rights and Liberty of Cambodians after the 22 Years of Paris Peace Agreement

22nd Anniversary Commemoration of Paris Peace AccordBrief Schedule:

–         Blessing from the Monks

–         Keynote speaker on the meaning of Paris Peace Accord, civil rights and liberty within this 22 years.

–         Slide show documentaries

–         Q & A

22 Anniversary Press ReleaseDate and place:

–         @ Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Centre

7011 Ogden Road SE, Calgary, AB

–         Date: Saturday, 26 October 2013

@ 1:30pm to 4:30pm

     – Tel: 403-455-8294

Press Release

            Khmer Youth Association of Alberta would like to solemnly announce to the Khmer youths and compatriots, either inside or outside Cambodia, to hold or participate with the 22nd Anniversary of Paris Peace Accord: 23 October 1991 – 23 October 2013 collectively.

Paris Peace Accord is the advancement of modern history of Cambodia. This day has the same value of that glorious civilization of the Great Khmer Empire during Angkorian period.

Our compatriots can conduct this commemoration as individual, family, friend, group, association or community by observing or updating news about this day, share messages among networks, directly communicate with siblings-children-friends, petition, thumb print or sign petitions, attend seminar/conference/lecture, participate with nonviolent mass demonstration, or conduct a ceremony by inviting Buddhist monks to offer a Jayanto blessing.

May all Khmer compatriots are blessed by the four wishes of Lord Buddha: Longevity, Beauty, Happiness and Strength.

Canada: October 9th, 2013

Sophoan Seng (President)


– Individual members

– Khmer-Canadian Youth Association of


22nd Anniversary of PPA Press Release

22nd Anniversary Commemoration of Paris Peace Agreement

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