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Khmer Youth Association of Alberta has ended their activities for the year of 2011 and welcome the year of 2012 by donating money $200 to help Cambodian children in two places: rubbish dump children and primary school in remote Dong-hit village of Siem Reap province. There are about 700 children who received the gifts from KYAA. KYAA has determined to conduct this wisdom sharing annually.



Please, join me to congratulate Darren, Davith, Mellisa and Valrida for their success in high school diploma education...their plan and determination for higher education is admirable! Also, enjoy with those kids who have studied Khmer language and culture till end of 2011. The event was held on 18 December 2011.


Gifts for Toddler Tha Sophat from Cambodian-Canadian community in Calgary. Sophat had to suckle milk directly from cow while his mom left him for work in Thailand since he was a young baby.



Annual Conference of Khmer Youth Association of Alberta on April 2, 2011


Election on November 27, 2005


1. First Election Meeting Photos: November 27, 2005



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