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20th Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement, 23 October 1991 - 23 October 2011

- Gifts and Donations for Children in Siem Reap for 2011
- Khmer Language School Party, 18 December 2011
- Gifts for Tha Sophat of Siem Reap
- Paris Peace Agreement Gathering to Commemorate the 20th Anniversary


1. Education
Post-Traumatic Healing processes, Family Value and Connection, Second Khmer Language Classes, Culture Awareness, and Buddhism on Stresses Management, School Tutoring, Seminars, Conferences

2. Khmer Art and Traditional Dances
Khmer Dances are gentle, modest and charming. They are Ancient Court Dance called Apsara and other folk varieties of dances

3. Sport and Fit
- Basket Ball
- Volley Ball
- Foot Ball
- Baseball
- Boxing
- Hockey

4. And other enjoyful creations
- Camping


Canada National Anthem

Cambodian National Anthem

Pong Savada Khmer or Khmer Ballad Song

English Translation

All Khmers, please remember the root and history of our great country
Our boundary was wide and well known
Others always thought highly of our race
And always placed our race as the elders.

We have great heritage and culture
Which has spread far and wide in the Far East.
Religion, arts and education,
Music, philosophy and strategies are all that we have spread.

All Khmers, please remember our roots and history
Which speaks of the grandeur of our great race
Make up your mind and body and try hard to rebuild
In order to lift the value of our nation
To once again rise to the greatness that we once had.

Lyrics to the song:

Khmer euy jo jam jeak thaa
Taam pong-savada, banjeak brab thaa, puj Khmer thkerng
Terk dei Khmer thom, tulum tuleay sob saay rung rerng
Ke aeng taeng lerk domkerng, domkol jeat yerng jatt tuk lerng jeat jborng
Aryathor kpung kpours chert chaay
Baan jenh psob psay krup tih teang lay jong bo-pea
Sasnaa silapak jomlak vichit kumnitt sirksaa
Dontrei tusanak-vichea, aach yok seksaa, jea kol kaa dael Khmer psay tov
Khmer euy jo sdab savadaa
Dael baan jojaa, banjeak prab thaa, pouch Khmer tkerng
Tang jet ouy thom, khit khom breung vinh, banjenh domkerng
Domlai nei jeat Khmer yerng, jea thmey lerng taam savadaa





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