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They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Ben Franklin  



- Preah Krou Vipassana Kosala Keo Hong (Abbot of Khmer Buddhist Temple of Calgary)
- Preah Bhikkhu Chan Son (Vice-Abbot of Khmer Buddhist Temple in Calgary)
- Lok Chham Ngam (Former President of Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta)
- Lok Kim C. Tang (President of Cambodian-Canadian Association of Alberta)
- Lok Bun Yoan Seng (President of Khmer-Canadian Buddhist Cultural Society)


SOPHAN SENG (President)
Sophan's Mission Statement:"I don't know how to call myself within the contemporary political sphere. But as I can realize who I am, I am very liberal! Buddha has influenced me to be an independent seeker of enlightenment by following a bondable road-map. Avoiding from idle chit-chat and gullible listener, thus I called myself "liberal"; avoiding from attaching myself to any theory or practice extremely, thus I called myself "liberal"; avoiding from indulging in self-mortification and materialism, thus I called myself "liberal"; diffusing the grassroots participation to overhaul democracy, thus I called myself "very liberal"."

SOPHEAP ROS(Second Vice President) CHANTHA HEM (First Vice President)
Chantha's "My mission statement is to become a person of true character and integrity, contributing to my country and attaining a state of peak health and mental serenity. I will have a superb family and professional life while I build lasting wealth. I will be courteous to all and live my life with tremendous zest and joy"
Sopheap's "The greatest pleasure in life is dealing with people say you cannot do" - Walter Bagehot


Pheak-Kdey Son (Treasurer)


SOCHEATA MEOU (Treasurer Assistant)

WILLY GNAM (Secretary)

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Previous Executive Members

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