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October 23, 2011

Dear members and participants

First of all, I would like to sincerely express my deep gratitude and thanks for your volunteering and attending on the commemoration of 20th Anniversary of Paris Peace Agreement. It is a very successful gathering day. We are very proud on this collective effort to make us more aware and knowledgeable on this day. This 20th Anniversary gathering is mainly expecting to achieve education for our youths, adults, seniors and main stream local people. As a result, every one has learnt a lot from this day. Other goals for us is to ensure that community members have been aware of this day, the United Nations and the government of Canada have persistently paid attention with the current Cambodian government to abide by the stipulations it has signed with the international communities in making this Peace Agreement successful. Among rigorous issues in Cambodia, the need for the genuine democracy of pluralism, the enforcement of the rule of law, the judiciary independence, the sustainable development and the independence of Khmer Rouge Tribunal are imperative for engagement from all signatory countries.

In summary, we are enlightened by the speech by Mr. Doug Page who is delivering a message on behalf of Canadian government. As quoted "Today, Canada and Cambodia work together on a variety of issue, such as strengthening democracy, promoting human rights and rule of law, development cooperation in sustainable economic growth, food security, and global and religion security"; "I am impressed, although not surprised, to see the Khmer Youth Association of Alberta take the time to remember and honour the work that was done to bring about stability, peace and democracy to Cambodia. Although you have made Canada your home, you retain your ties to your first homeland". Mrs. Amtul inspired us by her thought on the common ground of religion in building peace and understanding. Mr. Roeung greatly reflected on the importance of involving ourselves with politic as quoted "if we don't do politics, others will do politics; when others do politics, they will take everything away from us". Mr. Pheng made us clear on the violation of Paris Peace Agreement by the government of Cambodia who has re-instated all illegal agreements made between Republic of Cambodia and Republic of Vietnam during the occupation of Vietnamese troops in Cambodia. Vicheth initiatively called for the attention of Canadian government to open its embassy office in Cambodia, so it could accommodate many Cambodians to easily apply for visa to Canada. Mr. Len reminded us on the importance of engaging with politics by youths of Cambodian-Canadian origin and the narratives of his experiences in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Southeast Asia is very encouraging for all of us. At the end, the Venerable Chief Monk, Preah Krou Keo Hong urged us to commemorate such event consistently and we must unify all Khmers together regardless of Khmer Leu, Khmer Kandal or Khmer Krom in the purpose to rise up the fame and reputation of the Khmer people.

According to the teaching of Foundation of Success of the Buddha, Vimangsaa is in need for us to make this commemoration achievable and recognized by the wise. We must follow up and wrap up all speeches, petitions and comments on that day. First, we will compile all documents to create a book. If you have not yet given us the copy of your speech, please give us immediately or if you wish to edit your given papers, please let us know immediately as well. Second, the video taping will be burned into disc for public education. Third, we will closely follow up with the petitions sent to Ban Ki-Moon, secretary general of the United Nations and Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, to ensure that they both have already received our petitions and we expect to receive confirmation back from them. All inputs and feedbacks are needed for next year improvement.

We, the organizer of this event, have been aware that there are many points we need improvement and we honestly apologize for any inconvenience during the session. We have dedicated time and energy for this day. We have done it with love and expect no remuneration. It is a volunteering work which we have to dedicate for. Our expectation is to see more Cambodian-Canadian younger generations be more active and pro-active to the issues happening around them, the issues of their parents' motherland and Canada, and the issues of the world.

Our journey is not ended today. There are more pressing issues lying ahead and we need more involvements from all parties to make our society healthier.

Thank you very much for your kind participation. I am looking forward to hearing from you and talking with you more next time.

I wish you and family peace and prosperity.


Sophan Seng
President of Khmer Youth Association of Alberta

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